Radom shots

Was trying out something as we camped at KIA waiting to be addressed by Nacada.


Deadly shootout

Officers of the flying squad drive past a crowd of people during a shootout at Kariokor where 2 suspects were shot dead and 2 escaped with injuries

Today police officers and the flying squad were caught up in a shootout which saw two suspected gun men shot dead at Kariokor. The vehicle in which the gun men were in veered off the road hitting the Kariokor Health Clinic. Police had a difficult time controlling the big crowd which had come to witness.

the on lookers

Two of the criminals escaped with injuries and the police are looking for them.

..this person preffered to go on top of a tree for a better view.

The police said they were acting on a tipoff from the members of public.

A police officer in plain clothing walk past a crowd of onlookers

They had followed the criminals from Mombasa road. The men were said to have been on their way to Gikomba where they had planned to do a crime.

The vehicle which was involved in the shootout. And now the end of the road..End of the road..Bodies of the two slain men.end of the road
some of the items found after the shootout

police recovered from the slain men a pistol, and a cash deposit receipt of Ksh80,000 to the cooperative bank

A police officer jump over the body of one of the slain men

Mitumba slum RE-demolished

The flattened Mitumba slum. Its believed that more than 30,000 household units were brought down
Kavuu in what she is now calling home after the house was demolished in Mitumba slum
Two year old Peter Wekesa at their demolished home in Mitumba slum
Kavuu's children play at what used to be their house at Mitumba slum maybe too young to understand what the parent was going through after Mitumba slum was re-demolished.
Agnes Kavuu with her children ponders her next move after her house was re-demolished at Mitumba slum.

Mitumba Slum, which is adjacent to the Wilson Airport in Nairobi, has been demolished for the second time. The slum was demolished in November last year but the residents rebuilt it after what they say is a false assurance from local politicians.

Victor Wanyama tries to salvage some material of what used to be his house after MItumba Slum was demolished for the second time by KAA