Commuter trains to be launched in Kenya

A commuter train to be launched in July to ply Syokimau route to town

A stretch at Nairobi school

A stretch covered by trees at Nairobi School.

What next as Donors withdraw funds for HIV in Kenya?

Welcome to Budalangi, a constituency in Western Kenya where HIV/AIDS prevalence is at 13.4% higher than country’s 6.3%
In a small room in Bumwalo village, this orphans whose parents died of HIV complications sit patiently waiting for nothing; their supporter, Amref has withdrawn their funds.
..among them is 12 year old Sciva Dvila….
..she know she has a responsibility to take care of her siblings…
and performing other chores…
…while others wait….

she remembers of an important duty and rushes to the kitchen, to make a meal for what has become her family.

This represents at a small scale the number of people affected by the HIV epidemic. For a long time, the International donor have been contributing up to 80% of the HIV AiDS expenditure and with a huge number of them phasing out, lives of many Kenyans have become uncertain.

I recently managed to catch this after long spell of rain…